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Different Types Of Honey 

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teORA Wellness Grocery, Kochi

Diabetes is a major lifestyle disease in Kerala and many studies claim that Kerala is the diabetes capital of India, with a prevalence of diabetes as high as 20% - more than double the national average of 8%.


As consumers in Kerala are becoming more and more health conscious, they are increasingly moving towards healthy alternatives like raw honey and jaggery instead of artificial and processed sweeteners.


In fact, the pandemic made all of us realise the importance of immunity and honey became everyone’s favourite as an immunity booster.


Unlike the commercially honey available in normal big-time supermarkets, raw unprocessed honey is high on amino acids, vitamins minerals and antioxidants and that is the reason raw honey is considered to be antibacterial and antioxidant.


Having realised this, we at teORA Wellness Grocery, have included many flavours of raw unprocessed honey in our health food store in Kochi and consumers can make wiser choices, rather than consuming sugar.

Facts about honey:

1. To produce about 1 kg of raw honey, 1 million flowers and 50000 bee flights are required.


2. Raw honey starts as a flower nectar collected by bees, which gets broken down into simple sugars, when stored inside the honeycomb.


3. Honey bees make more honey than its colony needs and this excess honey is harvested and bottled by beekeepers.


4. Each beehive can produce approximately 20kg of honey per year.


5. Honey colour differs from region to region and season to season, based on many natural factors.

Raw Honey Bottling Process

As the name suggests, raw honey is the honey, ‘as it exists in the beehive’ and there is no processing involved.

1. Raw honey is collected from the beehives


2. Raw honey does not involved any kind of pasteurization or heating.


3. Raw honey is simply filtered using a clean cloth and steel mesh to remove the pollen


4. It is kept for few days and then bottled and packed.

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Different Types of Honey

At teORA Wellness Grocery in Kochi we love raw honey and have launched all major types of honey in our wellness shop in Panampilly Nagar.

Neem honey

Neem Honey

Neem honey is a unique type of honey made from the nectar of the Neem tree. It has a strong, earthy flavour, and is rich in antioxidants and antiviral properties. It's been used as a traditional remedy for centuries in India, and is thought to support overall health and wellness. We recommend trying it in a variety of recipes, from desserts to smoothies, to get the most out of its amazing benefits!

Moringa Honey

Moringa honey is a great way to add a unique flavor to your favorite dishes. It has a sweet and earthy flavour that is perfect for baking or adding to your favourite tea. It can also be used as a natural sweetener in smoothies or other drinks. Moringa honey is loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that can help support the body's natural defences. Try it today and experience the delicious flavour of moringa honey!

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Himalayan Honey

Our Himalayan honey is gathered from wild bee hives that are found high in the mountains, allowing for a unique and flavourful taste. It's perfect for baking, cooking, and as a natural sweetener. This is a multi floral honey from the Himalayan ranges.

Acacia Honey

Acacia honey is one of the most sought-after types of honey due to its light, sweet flavour and colour. It's often used to sweeten beverages and desserts, add flavour to sauces and marinades, and even to make unique homemade beauty products.

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Tulsi Honey

Tulsi honey is a type of honey that is produced naturally by bees that feed on the nectar of Tulsi (Holy Basil) plants. This honey is said to have a number of health benefits, such as helping to reduce stress levels, boosting immunity and improving digestion. It is a great natural sweetener and can be used in a variety of recipes and added to hot drinks.

Jamun Honey

Jamun Honey is the perfect solution for those health-conscious consumers who are looking for a natural and preservative free product. Jamun fruit contains numerous vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that may be beneficial for health. This honey is naturally extracted from fresh Jamun fruit and does not contain any preservatives or artificial sweeteners. With its natural sweetness and subtle fruity flavor, it can be an ideal addition to any meal, beverage or dessert.

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Litchi Honey

Litchi honey is one of the most natural and preservative free honeys available. It is derived from the sweet nectar of litchi fruit. Due to its low glycemic index, this honey can be consumed regularly without detrimental effects on blood sugar levels. In addition, its natural composition makes it packed with minerals and antioxidants that are beneficial for one's overall health and well-being

Multi Floral Honey

Honey, harvested from Kerala and extracted from natural nectars of multiple flowers, is one of the healthiest sweeteners available. It is completely preservative-free with no added sugar syrups or other artificial substances. Hence, this is a great option for those health conscious people who are looking for something healthy yet delicious to replace processed sugars in their diets.

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Apple Honey

Apple honey is a unique natural product created by bees that have made their hives in apple orchards. The honey they produce has a distinct sweet flavor brought on by the flavour of the apples and is free from any preservatives or artificial ingredients. This particular type of honey can provide numerous health benefits such as improved heart health, anti-inflammatory properties and more.

Saffron Honey

Saffron honey is natural honey with a delicate flavor. It is packaged without adding preservatives to ensure that it preserves its freshness, taste, and health benefits. Saffron honey is widely used in both sweet and savoury dishes, making it an interesting ingredient for chefs to experiment with. It is also known for its therapeutic benefits; it helps reduce stress and improve sleep. With these benefits in mind, saffron honey is perfect for anyone looking to enjoy its natural goodness.

Our health foods store, teORA Wellness Grocery,in Panampilly Nagar, Kochi, Kerala, brings to you many honey flavours in one place. Not only can you find different kinds raw unprocessed honey here, but you are also spoiled with choice as our single health foods store curates a myriad of flavour.

Thus, making teORA Wellness Grocery the best place to buy delicious honey any time! Great for providing your body with natural goodness or simply satisfying your sweet tooth.

For more information in this regard, You can reach out to us on: or WhatsApp us on : +91.9847534570.


Please do walk into our health shop and check out the range of options of raw unprocessed honey.

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