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Gift health to your loved ones

Healthy & Useful Gifts

Post pandemic, many people have realised that having a healthy body and mind is probably, the greatest gifts in life.

At teORA Wellness Grocery, we help you curate your own gift hampers, which are both healthy and useful.

We are probably the most healthiest gift store in Kochi, with a veritable list of edible gifts, that are both healthy and absolutely tasty.

Come, make your gifts memorable!!

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Birthday Gifts

From freshly baked cakes, without any artificial colours to dark chocolates, you can curate your own birthday hamper, with healthy options at teORA.

Be it the birthday of your spouse, lover, mother, father, best friend or colleague, you can make their birhday special.

Anniversary Gifts

Spending time with your spouse on your anniversary, is probably the best gift you can give your partner.

Taking care of their health without compromising on the taste, is probably the second best thing.

At teORA Wellness Grocery, we help you do just that, by helping you create your own Anniversary Gift Hamper.

Valentine Gifts

Surprise your Valentine, with healthy and edible Valentine Gifts from teORA Wellness Grocery.

Promise to take care of their health forever this Valentine.

Corporate Gifts

Show your employees, vendors and associates that you care for their health and wellness, by choosing healthy gifts from teORA.

We can curate and deliver custom made wellness gifts for your company.

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Return Gifts

We personalise your wedding favours, with our edible and healthy return gifts.

Based on your wedding theme, we can create beautifully stunning return gifts for marriage.
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